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Notifi for users

Access the Notifi Hub here:

What is the Notifi Hub?

Notifi Hub is a web3 inbox that lets you monitor and manage all of your crypto activity in one place. You can subscribe to notifications and messages from dApps and your wallet and then receive them via SMS, email, Telegram, Discord, or in-app. You can also chat with other wallet users across different chains using xMS.

How do you use the Notifi Hub?

To use the Notifi Hub, first connect your wallet to the website or via the mobile app. You can connect multiple wallets from different chains, such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Aptos, and Acala. Once you connect your wallet, you can access the following features:

  • Web3 Inbox: See all of your activity in one place, such as transaction alerts, DAO proposals and NFT bids.
  • xMS: Send and receive messages with other wallet users across different chains. You can also join exclusive channels with your token communities and start group chats (coming soon).
  • Whale Watch: Create your own list of whale wallets to get notified of their transactions on Ethereum and Solana.
  • Dapp Subscriptions: Manage all of your dapp notification subscriptions in one place. You can choose which dapps to follow and how to receive their alerts.
  • NFT & DeFi Signals: Get daily and weekly summaries of the most active wallets, top NFT collections, and best yield strategies on different chains - powered by Hyperspace and Hawksight.