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How do I add support for my dapp to Notifi?

You can start with our SDK today! We support dapps with their own backend infrastructure that want to send messages to wallet owners, as well as directly interpreting transactions through off-chain systems.

Soon, Notifi will maintain a public GitHub repository for all of the dapp integrations watching on-chain transactions. Developers are encouraged to create pull requests with additions, and Notifi will manage the hosting.

Can I send notifications from my on-chain program?

Coming soon! We're in the process of allowing this, but would love to hear from you about your scenario. Please contact us at

How do I set up a Telegram bot to send Telegram messages?

Follow the steps here.

How do I set up a Discord bot to send messages on Discord?

Follow the steps here.

I've been able to send a few messages, but I just got an email saying, "You're at your monthly notification limit." What does that mean?

When a Dapp first signs up for Notifi through Notifi Admin, they are given an evaluation tier where they can freely send up to 10 messages per month. Please reach out to us at or file a support ticket to set up a contract with us!


How do I create a user account?

Your account is automatically created when you log in with your wallet and signed message. This account is created within the space of the dapp you are calling from.

How is my Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as email, Telegram ID, Discord ID, and phone number, kept safe?

Notifi requires users to sign a message that proves they own the wallet address they are connecting with. Once verification is complete, communication is done with a security token that only belongs to that user. PII is stored in an encrypted database in the user's account. Each user is isolated from others, and each dapp that the user connects to will have its own separate account with no information sharing.

What PII and data does Notifi track?

Notifi stores user provided wallet addresses, destinations (i.e., email, SMS, Telegram, Discord), and notification preferences. Notifi does not track IP addresses. Subscription preferences and contact details for one dapp will be used exclusively for notifications for that dapp. Preferences and contact details will never be shared with any other dapp or 3rd party, unless explicitly stated.

How can I unsubscribe from notifications?

You can unsubscribe to notifications by accessing the notification preferences screen on the dapp you're subscribed to. Additionally, you can unsubscribe directly via the email, SMS (reply with STOP), Telegram bot, Discord bot, or any other destination where you're receiving messages.

How can I remove my user data from Notifi in accordance with GDPR?

Using the verified email address you used to subscribe to notifications, send an email to requesting removal of your data. We will reply back via email when this has been completed. You can verify the removal by checking your subscription preferences on the dapp, where you won’t have any record of notification preferences. Here is a sample email request:

Email Subject: Remove my data from Notifi for "dapp name"
Email Body: Remove my data from Notifi for "dapp name". [Add any additional details as needed]


How do DAO notifications work?

Any DAO governance member can sign up for proposal notifications. The DAO client page uses the Notifi SDK to provide Notifi with the DAO address, along with the user's wallet address. Notifi will ensure the wallet address is a governance member, and sign up for the relevant notification channels (email/SMS/Telegram/Discord).

How does Notifi ensure wallets are part of a DAO?

Notifi checks for governance tokens that belong to the user/DAO. Each DAO is different, so Notifi will initially have select DAO platforms integrated.

How are DAO proposals detected without modifying the dapp itself?

Notifi subscribes to blockchain transactions and parses events and information that are particular to DAOs. Upon detecting a relevant transaction, a notification is sent to subscribed users.